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What are the problems?

Microbes (dust, bacteria and fungi) are constantly being carried into homes and businesses by people, pets and houseplants. These "environmental invaders" find happy homes and breeding areas in poorly ventilated buildings.

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The air in your home could be the source of all your problems...

  • Produces adverse health affects to people sensitive to air-borne contaminates.
  • Indoor air pollution at home or work - the endless dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing doesn't seem to help because air from a contaminated air duct system is continually being re-circulated.
  • An ideal breeding ground for bacteria, molds, fungi, spores, mites and many other harmful allergens is created by dusty, dark, damp climate of the cooling and heating air duct system.
  • Remember: Your lungs can't be cleaned out but your ducts can!
  • An unhealthy mixture of contaminated air gets a free ride to every part of your home or office each time the air blower is activated. No filter system can remove all the dirt and contaminates from the air you breathe.
  • Dust and dirt in the heating and cooling system are the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns. It is a proven fact that these systems will operate longer, more efficiently and with few breakdowns if they are kept. professionally cleaned and maintained.
  • Dirty air ducts are costing you money! .042 of an inch of buildup on the fan can result in almost 50% loss of efficiency!
The Solution:
  • A clean furnace and ductwork increases the efficiency of air flow through your heating and cooling system by decreasing the friction and static pressure.
  • Removing and controlling contaminates from your air duct system and their component (such as the one shown below) is one of the best ways to correct indoor air pollution for your family members and workers.
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Before   Before
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KWIK KLEAN will do for you:
  • Each vent opening is first pre-vacuumed to remove all contaminates from the opening.
  • Starting from the farthest vent from the furnace, a rotating brush connected to a truck mounted vacuum line is sent down each and every vent.
  • Once all vent lines are thoroughly cleaned, the main trucks are then power scrubbed with a 22" rotating brush connected to a 3" truck mounted vacuum line.
  • When the duct ventilation system has been fully cleaned, all the air handler components and the furnace chambers are the next ones to be cleaned.
  • When the cleaning is complete, KWIK KLEAN follows up its cleaning with our free sanitizing process. Each individual air duct run, cold air return and furnace chamber is fogged. The sanitizer is an anti-microbial, disinfectant-cleaner-fungicide-virucide deodorizer designed for hospital, institutional and industrial use.


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